The WORX 20V Chainsaw comes as a 2-in-1 package. It includes a pole that turns the cordless chainsaw into a pole chainsaw. The extension pole can be bought separately without including the chainsaw. This review will only be talking about the chainsaw.

Features of the Chainsaw

Here are the features of WORX 20V Chainsaw:

  • It has a 20V 2.0 Ah battery.
  • It takes 5 hours to charge the battery from 0% to fully charged.
  • The saw weighs 6.8 lbs with its battery attached but without bar and chain oil.
  • The length of the bar is 10.”
  • The chain speed is 12.5 ft per second
  • The tank capacity of the bar and chain oil is 4.5 oz
  • It has a fully automatic bar and chain oiler.

1. Packaging

The WORX chainsaw comes in a trapezoidal box made from cardboard. On the outside of the box, the chain’s exact image is drawn there to give you a view of what to expect even before opening the box.

Inside the box lies the cordless chainsaw, a 20V battery, the charger for the battery, one extension pole (which can be purchased separately), and an instruction guide for the charger and the saw.

The bar and chain oil do not come with the package; they’ll have to be bought at any nearest local hardware store.

2. Remarkable Fit and Finish

The chainsaw comes with a remarkable fit and finish. The saw’s surface is smooth when you touch it; there are no marks, rough edges, or mistakes on the body of the chainsaw. WORX has been known to produce chainsaw with great fit and finish.

3. Ergonomic Design

Guards and handles are also included in the body of the chain, which is useful and makes the chain easy to hold firmly and reduces the stress of its weight on your arm greatly. The chainsaw’s battery compartment is almost completely hidden under the chainsaw to keep wood from disturbing the battery during cutting.

4. Well-Positioned Oil Filler

Filling the chainsaw with the bar and chain oil is simple because the oil fill cap is placed on top of the saw. Not every cordless chainsaw has this feature; some of them have their oil fill caps by the side of the chainsaw, which makes it hard to fill with bar and chain oil, and you might mistakenly pour the oil on the body of the chain saw.

But the WORX Designs learned from that mistake and made theirs better.

5. Auto-Tension Bar with Chain Tightening Mechanism

The chain has a well-designed knob used to regulate the bar’s tightness and the chain cover. The knob is also used as the cutting chain tensioning mechanism.

Unlike other chainsaws that have a bar tensioning ring and a cover locking ring, the WORX cordless chainsaw has merged these two functions to be performed by the knob.

If you read about the knob feature in the instructions manual, you might be led to believe that a loose chain will automatically be tightened by the saw without you doing anything.

This is not what happens. The tensioning dial has to be manually turned on when you notice that the chain is loose.

6. Automatic Oiler

The chainsaw is great; it is equipped with an automatic bar and chain oiler like every other modern battery-powered chainsaw. However, the oiler must be tested to check if it’s working correctly as soon as you take it out of its box.

You can spoil the bar if the oiler is not working correctly because the friction between the chain and the bar are severe. Without oil or any lubricant, the parts will be worn out and damaged.

One way you can test to see if the oiler is properly working is to put a piece of paper on the floor, hold the chainsaw directly above the paper and turn on the saw at full throttle. If you notice oil splatter on the paper’s face, then the oiler is in good shape.

Ensure that the chainsaw is in reservoir mode before turning it on and running the test. It is important to test the oiler as soon as you receive the package.

7. Power Share Battery System

WORX manufactures many power tools that are used outdoors, and these tools use 20V Lithium-Ion batteries. Because of this, you can interchange the 20 Volts Lithium-Ion batteries of any WORX power tool as part of the Power Share Battery System provided by WORX.

What this means is that the battery of any other 20V WORX tool would also work nicely with your WORX cordless chainsaw. This allows you to buy any 20V WORX tool without buying a battery since you already have the chainsaw 20V battery, and you can use it for both tools.

Starting up the Saw

Once you receive the package, the first thing you should do is charge the chainsaw battery. It takes 5 hours to fully charge a completely exhausted battery, but be rest assured that the battery will be charged a bit by the company.

To get the saw running, fix the fully-charged battery inside the base of the saw just beneath the rear handle.

Also, adjust the battery slide rails with the saw rails; it is simple to do. You will hear a click sound as soon as you press the battery bottom out. The safety latch ensures that the battery doesn’t fall out when the saw is being used.

1. Built-in Safety

A lock-out button has been included in the chainsaw body that should be pushed before you can use them on and off the lever. This safety measure prevents a lot of accidents.

Let’s Start Cutting

Plastic bumper spikes are positioned in front of the saw; they are used as a leverage point, and they assist in keeping the saw aligned with the branch.

It is advisable to put the saw on full power before moving ahead to cut a branch. This way, the saw will not bounce around and cause an accident or make a rigid cut.

When you’re cutting, you don’t need to expend all your energy on it; let the weight of the saw assist you too.

1. Plenty of (Power)

The WORX 20V Li-Ion battery doesn’t have the required power to easily cut through larger branches. The saw can cut through different kinds of woods up to 6 inches in diameter, but it can’t easily cut through anything higher than that.

2. No Chain Brake

Another nicely fit feature of the saw is the handguard. This feature helps to keep the operator safe from the blade when it kicks back. A kickback injury is no joke at all, and it is advisable to read the instructions before operating the saw.

A chain brake is safer than a handguard because it reduces the chances of kickback greatly.

Excellent Operator’s Manual

The operator’s manual that came with the tool is detailed and well-written. The manual is filled with plenty of safety instructions and advice. Some devices include notching undercuts, felling of trees, and bucking a log. The manual also prepares you on how to perform a series of tree cutting steps.


3 years of warranty have been made available by WORX on any flaw in equipment and workmanship. You get the warranty only if you register your tool within 30 days after you have bought it.

If you fail to register your tool, the warranty will only be for 2 years. Batteries only have a 12 months warranty even if you don’t register.


This article aims to enlighten you on the usefulness of the WORX 20V cordless chainsaw. The features of the chainsaw are extensively discussed in this article. The article also contains in-depth tips on how to use the chainsaw and safety precautions.

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