The EZ-Stow Hauler is very useful at home; it is well-designed and balanced. The wheelbarrow and cart were used with the tractor; it took about 35 minutes for the towing and also took an additional 25 minutes for the assembling and disassembling.

Because of the low center of gravity of the EZ-Stow Hauler, it is well-balanced irrespective of how you are using it, either as a cart or a wheelbarrow. A user was concerned about the device falling down when overloaded and the driver was driving slow and steady. There was no sign it will fall.

How to Use the EZ-Stow Hauler

The EZ-Stow Hauler can do the following:

  • It can move tree logs
  • Mulching of roses and long duration crops
  • It can be used as a moving tool
  • The Hauler has the capacity of carrying a load as heavy as 800lbs; it can be used for carrying topsoil, gravel, Portland cement, blocks, furniture, sand, paving stones.

Easy to Use

The EZ-Stow Hauler can be used as a cart and also as a wheelbarrow; inter-converting is very easy. Assemble it and do it for your work. The device comes with an assembling manual guide that is straightforward and well-illustrated.

How it Works

The EZ-Stow Hauler works just the way you work. Even though the wagon is the main thing about the equipment, you will still find pleasure in it because you can attach your long tools like shovels, hoes, and rakes to the exterior part of the cart with the aid of an O-ring and clip device.

On the bigger equipment, it saves the stress of having to go back to the tool shed to retrieve tools you are not sure you will use. It also saves the stress of bending over to pick tools. Someone who wants to move big logs of wood would appreciate how the sides of the device fold to form a flatbed where the logs can be placed.

Putting it Altogether

The EZ-Stow Hauler often comes inside a box with the device lying flat in it. Inscribed on the box is a guide on the different ways the device can be used. The device comes disassembled; therefore, assembling is needed for the device.

One might not need tools to assemble the cart, but they are needed to remove the staples that were used to seal the box. The cart does not come with the wheelbarrow handle unit; it has to be purchased, and it is also sent in a recyclable box.


The steps used in assembling the cart are easy, straightforward, and well-illustrated. All the parts of the carts come with labels. It is advisable to only open the hardware bag when you’re ready to use it.

Gloves will be needed for the application of the white lithium grease that will be used to lubricate the axle. A Paper towel is needed for the cleaning of the parts of the cart.

Caveat – the guide in the instruction book is wrong, the grease fitting and the valve stem ought to be on the same side and also face outward and not inward.

You won’t need any tool to fix the cart itself, but when you order the wheelbarrow handle unit, you will need pliers and a socket wrench to hold it tightly.

Carrying heavy loads – The EZ-Stow Hauler has the capability of holding loads as heavy as 800lbs. That weight is the same with 20 bags of soil weighing 40 pounds each. The Portland cement weight is the same as this, so ensure that you weigh it before carrying it with the hauler.

Carrying light loads – The EZ-Stow Hauler has large air-filled tires, and this gives it a good balance system. It can also work like a wheelbarrow and this is easier to pull than when pulling a wagon.

Nice Touch – The EZ-Stow Hauler has a wall of partition inside this, they prevent things from mixing up while conveying them.


  • The air pressure in the tire should be observed frequently; this is to prevent the flattening of the tire during work.
  • Lubricants such as grease should be applied to the frictional part of the hauler as at when due.
  • The hauler should be swept and kept clean before storing it.


Ensure to read the precautions in the safety manual, some of them are normal things you know but are to remind you. This will help you avoid injuries while using the cart. When the cart was overloaded, it was noticed that the dump mechanism wasn’t working well. Children should be kept away from the device, especially away from the dump mechanism that could cause injuries to them.

Customer Service

The manufacturing company offers good customer service; you can try it yourself by placing a call to their customer service line. After holding on for a while, you’ll be able to speak with their customer service agent and will find it helpful.


Personally, I gave the device a 5-star rating; it is a very good and useful device. The device was well-designed, works perfectly, and doesn’t obstruct you when you are not using it. The price of the device is $299 which is more expensive as compared to other carts.

Looking at its special features, the possibility to use it both as a cart and wheelbarrow makes it worth its price. The device has high endurance; it won’t fall and balances well on the ground. It can be used in private residences, and a one-time purchase is perfect.

Where Can You Buy the EZ-Stow Hauler?

The price of the device ranges from $248 to $299. When buying online, check if the charges for shipping were added to it. You can get the device directly from the manufacturing company, on the Amazon site under the Arnold brand name.

You can also get it from MTD and Home Depot under the brand name of Cub Cadet. It is also available in Tractor Supply.


The holder for long tools costs $31 while the wheelbarrow handle unit ranges from $80 to $100.


I hope you have learned a lot from this review and you can decide whether to go for it. The EZ-Stow Hauler is one of the easy-to-use gardening tools; it is worth its price and I recommend it for you. Thank you so much for reading this review and if you have questions about please leave your comments below and I’ll be happy to write back to you. For more details please click the image below.

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