The best garden rattan furniture is usually a synthetic rattan effect material which allows it to be weatherproof with UV protection and quick-drying, shower smart finishes. It’s always a good idea to cover or store the outdoor furniture when not in use, but rattan is the brilliant option if you have previously found yourself leaving it to fend for itself all year round.


Look with the best garden rattan furniture 1 piece here the only sample that I got. So you can make the most of your outdoor space in style and it depends upon your preferences. It depends to what you need, from single to small family, big family or big gathering at your garden outdoor. Here is a rattan chair, just an example to take a look at how beautiful is the rattan made and put beauty to your place.







This is an another look of a 3 piece set that provides the most comfortable casual experience. The steel frame makes this set strong enough to be your long term choice. It can fully relax the body while sipping your favorite tea. It is widely used in living rooms, porches, poolside, or gardens. This picture just help you imagine how beautiful the rattan made.

Maintenance and Cleaning Synthetic Rattan Furniture

When cleaning any types of rattan garden furniture only clean the cushion when it is necessary and this will keep the cushion from wear and tear. And even if the furniture stays outside during winter, summer, rain, you should still keep or bring the cushion inside. When washing natural rattan always use a soft cloth that dampened with furniture or a mild washing up liquid and warm water mix.

Take note, water and soap can fade the appearance of the furniture, you only need a tiny drop of washing up liquid to remove any dirt, furniture polish on the other hand helps to enhance the appearance. Maintaining rattan furniture from abrasion requires that keep the pets away from the furniture as they may scratch the coating or any fragile components of the garden furniture. Avoid damaging the furniture, check those around the furniture sit on the cushion, and not on the arm or any other structure. Rattan is beautiful and durable, most rattan furniture needs only basic cleaning and care to preserve its natural strength and color.

Basic Steps to Keep Rattan Furniture Looking as New

  1. You need to clean the surface of the wicker and rattan fairly and regularly. Monthly or weekly cleaning is the best way to protect your rattan furniture and prevent major damage. Clean with a little dish washing detergent and dilute into the water. Use a soft cloth and wipe the furniture’s surface without getting the wood wet. Be sure to get into crevices and grooves with a toothbrush or small soft bristle brush.
  2. While rattan certainly likes humidity, it is not outdoor furniture. Keep your rattan indoors and preferably out of direct sunlight and the furniture will last longer and look better.
  3. Care for stain or other major damage immediately. Use detergent and a cloth to scrub out stains as soon as they occur.
  4. Be sure to do the major cleaning once a year. Although cleaning will take care of the dirt that has built up and also prevent future damage. Scrub the rattan with light detergent, using slightly more water than you use for the weekly cleaning. Then, dry the wood as quickly as possible, using a hairdryer or setting the furniture under the sun. Finally, apply a coat of shellac or lacquer to seal the wood until the next year of cleaning.
  5. Put rubber stoppers underneath the legs of the furniture. Keeping a bit of rubber between the wood and the floor will prevent unnecessary damage and splitting of the rattan.

If your rattan and wicker garden furniture has been exposed to the elements for a good period, then it may require a little extra care maintenance. Expose to sun, wind, and rain will cause dirt to build-up

on your garden furniture and make it uncomfortable to sit on and rather unsightly, not to mention that your wicker garden furniture’s lifespan is shortened. Do not neglect wicker garden furniture, when it is necessary to remove ground-in dirt and stain with a damp brush or cloth towel and do so. If you have a garden hose, then you should spray a fine mist on furniture with mild detergent. Be sure to always completely rinse the furniture and remove the only detergent. It is also important to let them dry in direct sunlight.

Does Rattan Garden Furniture last Long?

It will be in great shape for the next 20 to 25 years as long as someone is caring for it properly. Outdoor rattan furniture that you purchase today can also last for generations. It can often last longer than furniture made of leather or wood.

It takes a little effort to keep synthetic rattan garden furniture looking as good as new.

When you invest in Rattan effect garden furniture, you want to ensure that it’s going to provide you with outdoor seating or dining for years to come. Rattan furniture is traditionally made from weaving species of palm together which grows in South East Asia.

The traditional look of rattan complements any garden seating and can transform how a garden is used. With garden furniture, you can relax or entertain in good comfort.

Synthetic Rattan Compared to Other Materials

Although natural rattan materials have good qualities such as being a lightweight and sturdy, it isn’t the best garden furniture to leave outside. Synthetic rattan, however, is an ideal choice for garden furniture. It’s contracted from modern materials which make it strong, lightweight, and weatherproof. It’s also easy to clean and maintain which improves longevity.

High-quality Synthetic Rattan is:

  • Flexible and easily woven into garden furniture.
  • More lightweight than traditional rattan.
  • Stronger and more durable than natural rattan.
  • Weatherproof rattan garden furniture.
  • UV resistant and won’t fade in the sun or crack.
  • Resistant to swelling, rot, or mold.
  • Low maintenance garden furniture.

Weather-resistant rattan garden furniture

Wooden and metal furniture can rot or rust if left out in the rain for a long period. This means they are not always long-lasting if not treated or stored away in bad weather. But it’s just not the rain which can affect the longevity of garden furniture, it’s also the sun and high temperatures which can cause furniture to fade and crack. Modern synthetic rattan garden furniture is made from durable plastic which is not affected by sun, rain, or high temperatures. It’s UV resistant, rust-resistant, and weatherproof, making it low maintenance for your garden.

Low Maintenance Outdoor Rattan Furniture

Another factor that contributes to it being long-lasting is the minimum maintenance that is required to keep it looking new and clean. To clean synthetic rattan garden furniture you simply wipe any spillages or stain with soapy water and cloth. If you are unsure about leaving the furniture set outdoor, you can cover them with a waterproof cover. This will provide the ultimate protection for the rattan furniture during harsh weather.

So now you know the basic techniques you’ll need to clean, maintain, and even restore your rattan furniture. Keeping and occasionally refinishing the rattan garden furniture will significantly increase its life-span, and make the garden seem that much more welcoming to guests and own family alike. Now you know a bit more about rattan in general and what to look for when buying rattan garden furniture.

Choose cleverly, though, a good set of rattan garden furniture will last for many years.

Good Luck!