The dream of most people that live in the city is living in the woods, surrounded by nature. Because of the lifestyle and busy activities in the city such as traffic, crime, and the rat race, it is easy for someone to dream of a more serene and quiet life. This kind of life is very possible, but it will require a lot of sacrifices and proper planning.

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Forming a plan

1. Decide where and how you want to live

While planning you need to decide how deep into the wood you want to live. If you can take a short drive out of the urban sprawl, you can live in the wood and still enjoy the ambiance of the city.

You can still enjoy electricity in your place and use urban water. You can take a short drive to your place of work and still make a lot of money.

  • With this kind of lifestyle, one is still tied to the system. This kind of life makes many people happy, while some still can’t find happiness in it. They want to totally move away from the city and move deep into the wood away from the city stress
  • In North America, there are great places where you can stay in the wood in British Columbia, Montana, and the Pacific Northwest. While deciding where to stay in the wood, make sure you are near water. The location you choose depends on the kind of weather you want.

2. If you plan to live in the deeper part of the woods, you will need to plan your utilities.

Most of us take the convenience we have for granted. We can easily turn on our tap and water comes out. If you want to light up your house, just use the light switch. If it’s heat you want, the thermostat is there for you.

Paying for these things every month can be difficult and challenging, also installing solar panels is not something many people can afford. There is a cheap option which is the use of woods for heating, but the stress of cutting the wood and the time consumption are high. So you need to plan the utilities you will need, this will help you decide where you want to live.

  • Do you want to live on the mountain or on the low land? Is the weather of the place okay throughout the year or there are fluctuations? Have you considered the rainfall and the possible hazards in the place? Have you looked into your work schedule?

3. Know the laws

Some areas you would like to live in might be owned publicly or privately. If you want to follow the legal process, you will have to buy a piece of land. There are some areas that allow seasonal camping, you can use the opportunity.

You can also decide to live with someone, though you might have some issues. You need to know the law of the area you are moving into.

4. Consider living in a community

If you really want to live in the deeper part of the woods, you will need a community. Not just to keep you sane, but to make it more feasible.

Moving very far away from the city often costs a lot of money – buying land, installing solar panels, digging a well, and acquiring construction materials. Staying in a community will keep you sane, even if it is just one person or two.

If you want areas that practice this, they include Dancing rabbit in Missouri, Twin Oaks in Virginia, Ecovillage in Arizona.

  • If you are moving to the woods, make sure you don’t go alone. You might survive, but it is not a lifestyle anyone can endure for a long time. Human communication is needed to keep us sane.

5. Don’t burn your bridges

When you are planning to live in the woods, make sure you don’t cut connections with your people because you might need them later.

  • Inform everyone that you care about and those that care about you of your plans. Explain to them why you are making the decision. Most of them might not buy the idea, but at least you have told them.

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Being Adequately Prepared

1. Give it a trial first

Before you permanently move to the woods, try out the lifestyle first, and see if you can cope.

  • Earlier in this guide, we spoke about seasonal camping. This is the best opportunity to try it out, go there with your camping bed, tent, and fishing net. Find out how long you can stay happy with that kind of lifestyle and if you like it, come back to the city and prepare to go back.

2. Gather Supplies

If you are staying for a long period there, you need to take some basic things with you. Here are some things you need to carry along with you:

  • Boots, long underwear, scarves, and hat
  • Many tents and blanket
  • Matches
  • Lantern, radio, whistle, and extra batteries
  • First aid kit, drugs, antiseptics

You might also need some civilization amenities like:

  • Camping stove
  • Cups, plates, pots, and silverware
  • Walkie-talkie and radio
  • Books and any other form of entertainment

3. Learn about your areas, arm yourself, and learn some forest art

While moving into the woods, you might need to learn about the area you will stay in. Equip yourself with a map and compass to help you navigate your way easily.

Arm yourself with tools and weapons you can use to defend and protect yourself. Also, you can read books that talk about living in the woods.

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Not Just Surviving

1. Have a comfortable shelter

This is one of the most important things you need to decide if you want to live in a cabin or you would like to erect your own tent. Make sure you consider the one that will best suit you and the environment you find yourself in.

2. Master the survival skills

When you are going to the woods, you need to learn some skills for survival. They include:

  • How to build a fire
  • How to purify water
  • How to fish
  • How to use a solar oven
  • How to hunt

3. Consider living near an urban area

It will be fine if you can stay in a place that is near an urban area; this can be helpful during emergencies.

4. Consider upgrading

Since you have decided to stay in the woods for a while, you might have to upgrade to make things easier for you. Though it might cost you money, you can install solar panels, septic tanks.

5. Have a craft

Staying all alone in the wood can be frustrating sometimes and you will need something to keep you busy. Having a craft you can engage yourself in will help you a lot.


These are some things you have to do if you are considering moving into the woods. Living in the woods is not an easy feat, but if you follow all these guidelines, you will be able to live successfully there.

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