Birds settling in your garden can be such a rewarding experience for you. They make your garden colorful, fill the air with melody, and feast on the insects. This guide offers you a way to attract and bid the birds welcome – a few tips on setting up a birdbath with fresh water to drink and a place for the birds to cool off.

Check out our top 7 bird baths that you can take your pick from.

1. Esschert Design BR25 Series Bird Bath

You can place the Esschert birdbath on the ground, table, or wherever suits you. The wide bowl makes it possible for birds to easily perch and splash in the water.

The design enables it to fit nicely into narrow spaces that may not be able to accommodate circular baths. By placing, it on the ground you may find other animals such as squirrels attracted to it.

Cleaning the birdbath is quite easy as all you need is to clean with soap and water. The cast iron is prone to rust, which can best be prevented by coating with oil.

2. Gray Bunny GB-6876 Deck-Mounted Songbird Spa

The Gray Bunny GB-6876 Deck-Mounted Songbird Spa is a high-quality birdbath for attracting birds to your garden. You will find it pretty easy and flexible to set up this birdbath. It is a lightweight birdbath that is very easy to maintain and clean.

You can detach the basin from the stand, adjust the clamp by hand or fit rails that are 2 inches thick or less. There are so many options available to any users of the Gray Bunny Songbird spa.

The basin, made of polypropylene, is big enough to accommodate accessories such as heaters. The Gray Bunny Songbird spa clamp is made of iron and it is rust-resistant, making it long-lasting even through harsh weather.

3. Urban Deco Deck-Mount Bird Bath Spa

The Urban Deco Deck-Mount Bird Bath Spa is a multi-purposed designed birdbath for your garden. Even if you do not have any garden space to keep it, you can fit it on a deck or balcony.

The birdbath has an adjustable clamp that makes it easy to attach to railings that are 2 inches thick or less. This clamp is made of heavy-duty steel and also rust-resistant. The clamp provides a solid base that makes it possible for it to support a flower pot if necessary.

The Urban Deco Deck-Mount Bird Bath Spa comes with a plastic basin on one side and a steel mesh tray on the other side. The plastic basic is used to hold water while the steel mesh holds the bird seeds.

It’s a great tool for attracting birds to your garden using both freshwater and bird seeds.

4. Tiffany-Inspired Hanging Bird Bath Bowl

If you have any artistic taste in designs, then the Tiffany-inspired Hanging Bird Bath Bowl meets your need.

It is a hanging bird bath colorfully designed with easy to install features. You can easily hang it on a tree, pergola, or overhanging roof using the sturdy metal chan. The bowl’s weight is heavy enough to prevent it from been blown away by the wind.

You can easily remove the chains if there’s a need for cleaning or in the event that you want to turn it into a tabletop birdbath. Also, you can fit a small fountain in the bowl but avoid using a heater.

Since the bowl is made of glass you will need to protect I from harsh weather in order to prevent it from cracking.

5. Vintage Resin Pedestal Bird Bath

If you have budget constraints or seek a simple birdbath to meet your needs, then opt for the Vintage Resin Pedestal Bird Bath. It’s a simple pedestal that comes with a large bowl that is 20″ in diameter and 28.25″ in height.

One of the major benefits of this birdbath is its sturdy nature which enables it to last longer, even in adverse weather conditions.

It comes in 2 basic styles, green and copper, with basin edges containing small cutouts that function as decor and places for birds to perch. It is made out of resin, can be assembled quickly, and includes ground stakes for stability.

6. Akro Mils Classic Saucer

This classic sauce is as simple as you can find for a birdbath. It is a lightweight, durable, and effective container for holding water.

With a dimension of 21 1/8″ outside and 17 7/8″ inside, the Akro Mils Classic Saucer stands at a height of 3 5/8″.

You have the choice of setting it up on a stand, tree trunk, or on the ground.

It can actually be used in a number of ways, depending on the specific need. You could just fill with water, or add stones; you could even include a fountain if you like to. You can set it up anywhere in your garden or an elevated place that suits you.

7. Garden Style Solar Powered Water Fountain

Let’s just say that I saved the most beautiful birdbath for the last. The Garden Style Solar Powered Water Fountain is a bird bath that also doubles as a water feature.

It is an eco-friendly birdbath that is fully powered by solar energy. Garden Style Solar Powered Water Fountain is a beautifully designed birdbath with two-tier fountains.

It is made of 23 pounds of resin, concrete, and fiberglass which gives it the strength and stability to withstand heavy winds. It also has a 6-hour duration backup battery in case there’s no solar energy to power it.

A single switch can be used to turn the fountain off and on. Garden Style Solar Powered Water Fountain holds over 2 gallons of water meaning that you don’t have to refill it often.


You can set up your garden to receive and accommodate different kinds of birds. All that you need to do is to set up an appropriate bird bath furnished with freshwater and bird seeds. This guide offers our top 7 picks for choosing the right birdbath for your garden.

I hope, you enjoy reading these reviews and if you have any questions or comments about these please leave your comments below and I’ll be happy to write back to you.

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