The WOLF-Garten®Interlocken® pruning system was designed to be a blend of parts that bypass the lopper head, telescopic pole, and a pruning saw.

The idea behind the Interlocken® system was to produce types of handles that have many attachments with over 1000 combinations. This helps to save space by developing a system that reduces the number of poles you have to store.

WOLF-Garten® manufactures Interlocken® equipment that can be used for cultivating, raking, home care, weeding, window care, winter clean up, tree care, etc.

They also produce tools like anvil pruners, bypass and loppers, hedge shears, and others.

If you do a lot of gardening, then you must’ve used a lot of gardening tools like hoes, rakes, shovels, cultivators, brooms, etc., leaving your garden looking like a broomstick factory in no time.

Don’t you think it’ll be better to own one or two handles and more plug-and-play tools that fit into these poles or handles? This is what WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® has achieved. They take away all the things that are not needed and focus more on the creation of the tools that can be attached to the end of the pole with a pin to keep them firmly together.

Does the Interlocken System Actually Work?

Interlocken® has designed the tools in such a way that you become impressed as soon as you lay your eyes on them. The tools were held tightly in place in such a way that there was no shaking to indicate looseness. The tool gives you that satisfaction you get when you’re using something luxurious.

Another amazing feature of this Interlocken® tree pruning tool is what some would call the “button guard.” WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® realized the tools that are attached to the handles might get stuck on trees while working on them.

While working on branches of the trees, the button that releases the tool’s grip to the handle might be pushed by a branch causing it to be stuck on a tree. To counter this, WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® has made sure a button guard is placed on the head of the pruning saw and the bypass lopper head.

This ensures branches cannot easily push the button, causing the tool to be detached from the handle by accident.

Telescoping Handle

The WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® has a telescoping handle that ranges from 87 inches to 157 inches. The handle is made from a two-piece aluminum pole:

The pole has a plastic cover and a cap on the end of the handle.

  • On the inside, the inner handle is made from aluminum with six holes that have been spaced perfectly.

A red-colored plastic thumb lever can be found in front of the handle that has been fixed in yellow housing. The red-colored lever triggers a spring-loaded pin that goes perfectly into one of the six holes.

The activation system features a V notch that has been molded into the spring and connects nicely with a small hole. The function of this hole is to properly place the larger, round hole underneath the pin that has been activated by a pin.

Because both handles are round, the inner handle spins in circles without problems when it has not been tightly held firm. The small holes for alignment make sure that the spring-loaded pin goes into the inner handle hole in the proper way.

The front of the inner tube has a red button that lets you attach the Interlocken® tool when you press it. The button uses a spring that clicks back to its proper position when you press the tool into the handle. This helps to hold the tool firmly.

Handle Stiffness

WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® provides the best handle stiffness when compared to other manufacturers of pole saw and lopper head handles. You’ll not experience the slightest flex even when you extend the handle to its full length, which is over 13 feet.

The stiffness of the handle lets you control the saw head very easily and makes sure the tool does not bounce when you’re trying to place the tool for a first cut. A very firm platform has been provided to place the lopper head properly.

A fixed pole position is better than a fully-adjustable pole length tool. Handles that let you adjust them as you want have also been tested, and at some point, they get loosened and move back and forth, making the saw head difficult to use.

One Handle, Two Tools: Three Saws

WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® has ensured that the professional-grade tree saw has to be very sharp and strong. The saw is made from high carbon and has been double-hardened for strength. The durability of the blade is said to be three times that of a normal blade. The teeth of the blade have been made so hard that it makes it very difficult to sharpen them.

The saw also features a hook that’s placed at the end of the blade. This pulls out stuck branches down from trees.

It is important to know that an accident might occur if a strong wind blows the saw off a branch. It is also important to pay attention to the pruning process lest you mistakenly release the saw and cause it to fall on you.

The saw has been designed so that it can be used on its own without attaching it to the telescoping handle. The saw features a handle with a good grip with a nick for an index finger and a hook behind it to make sure your hand doesn’t slip off when you’re operating the saw.

One Handle, Two Tools: Bypass Lopper

Just like the saw, the bypass lopper is also attached to the end of the Interlocken® telescoping handle. These are the main features:

  • A pulley system gives it great power when cutting. There are four pulleys used to operate the cutting saw; this gives it a 4:1 power ratio.
  • The adjustable pull handle is made like a jam cleat. You don’t need to wrap the rope used for pulling around your arm. Instead, the pull handle was out on the rope in the correct manner and pressed into a side or another of the handle’s slot.
  • The Interlocken® bypass lopper head has a plastic sleeve and metal coil that slid over the handle and served as a rope guide. This makes the rope come off the head, pulley gently without stress.

Cutting Performance of the Saw

The saw makes a nice and clean cut if you use it with the telescopic handle or as a stand-alone saw. The saw cuts through branches without giving complications.

The double-ground teeth setting on the saw is way better than the infamous triple-ground tooth. The saw makes deeper cuts and still gives fast and clean cuts.

Cutting Performance of the Bypass Lopper

The bypass head has a 4:1 power ratio that allows it to cut through a one-inch diameter of mesquite wood fast without stress.

To be realistic, the lopper will cut through any branch in the one-inch range, even though the blade can be opened as wide as 1.5 inches.

When it comes to making clean cuts, Interlocken® makes that goal a reality without stress.


WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® has ensured that the tools are as safe as possible. A cool feature has been added to the lopper head; this allows you to lock the blade for safe transportation.

A plastic protection guard was also made to cover the sharp saw teeth. Before using the saw or lopper head, it is advisable to cover your eyes first from falling sawdust or branches. The saw could also break if the cutting angle is not right, and the blade might fall into your eyes. It is best to get safety glasses on before work.

A pair of gloves is also suggested. It helps to protect your hands from cuts or piercing when you’re dragging branches or bushes around. It would help if you also put on a hard cap or something to cover your head, o when something hard falls on your head, you’ll not sustain deep injuries.


WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® comes with one of the best warranties you can find around. They have provided a 35 years warranty against any fault in the tool or workmanship. It is important to know that the guarantee only applies to you if you purchase the product from WOLF-Garten®.


This review gives detailed information about the WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® tools and how they should be used. It also talks about the awesome features the tool has and how they can be used to your own advantage.