Hello everyone! and welcome to My Amazing Garden website. My gardening is one of my passion since I stopped my work abroad year 2007. And it’s always in my heart up to now. I am always attracted to plants, plenty of beautiful flowers matching with the beautiful pots, and other decors for gardening and home.

My name is Joyce Easton, and I am 54 yrs old, married. I have three children.

My son and two nieces are happily living with us together in the Philippines.

I graduated with a Commerce major in Management. While taking up this course, I was a working student. Being an active student is not easy. It takes a lot to manage my work at the office and my daily school activities. It was a difficult process, but I aimed to finish and to get the Diploma at once. One thing that I liked was, the Company that I am working with was a French Humanitarian Organization, which allows me to travel to attend the FORUM meeting abroad to Paris, France for several times. And I am very proud to share this opportunity to meet the First Lady of France, Danielle Mitterrand, Francois Mitterrand’s wife, the President of France year 1989-1990. Our activities focus on street children in distress. I was working here for 5 – 6 years as an assistant manager.

My next work experience is at the Traveling Agency Company, and a specialized market is in France, Europe, Asia, and the local. We offered Hotels stay, Resorts, Flights and Tours, and Transfers from the hotel and to the airport, and vice versa. I sometimes prepare the itinerary of the clients. Usually, it is the work of our GM. Once in a while, I welcome our guests upon arrival at the hotel, give their itinerary, tickets, and transfer vouchers for their next destinations. Receiving and processing the reservation and do the sales calls as well. I’m working here as a Sales Executive for seven years, which I have also enjoyed. I resigned for reasons to get the job opportunity abroad.

To make it short, being a workaholic person, I am not contented at my present-day-to-day work. Aside from my family obligations, I have the urge to find new things to do. Later, I found this Wealthy Affiliatein my research and online Training Program to earn money by writing informative articles on My Amazing Garden website via the Wealthy Affiliate University Program. And that caught my attention and interest. Since I love arranging my garden and beautifying the inside and outside of my home, I can write and share my experiences with My Amazing Garden. My beautiful garden is my best therapy, and it serves as my medicine and food for the soul.

Fortunately, I can stay at home with this online business. Thanks, God! and Bravo! And that’s it! Doing all these, writing and gardening, makes me happy and makes me alive.

Concerning my work experience, I’m still in the line of this industry of buying and selling a business. And today, I can say to myself that I am now an affiliate Marketer on my website. Grow the affiliate marketing business with search advertising earning through an online network. Here, I have to do: Blogging, Drive traffic to the website, Raise conversation rate, Increase email subscribers, and make the website more accessible to the audience. These are my new goals to reach. I have to put my commitment in here to achieve all these. So, please wish me good luck!

Thank you so much, everyone, for reading my About Joyce. If you want to follow me, please click here Wealthy Affiliate.

Best wishes,


My Website: joyceeaston.com