Many houses with gardens do experience an invasion of different types of insects in their gardens – mosquitoes, moths, and other insects that negatively affect your plants and health too. The use of chemical control is very popular; however, controlling them naturally has proved to be a better option.

Bats live all around the world and you can find up to 1400 different species of them. They are usually of different shapes and sizes and many of them feed on insects. They often live on the roof of houses or rafters of barns.

You can also find them in caves or on trees. You will find them feeding on mosquitoes, beetles, leafhoppers, armyworms, moth larvae, stink bugs, cucumber beetles, and several other insects. Having bats around is one natural way to manage insect pests.

Most bats can see but their eyes are more accustomed to extremely dark places. They find their food by following sounds to find the location of the insects and picking them. Bats prefer to find their food from dusk until dawn, operating throughout the night. They live in the ceiling of houses where they can stay without being disturbed. However, it is better if you get bat houses for them.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on pest control to secure crops from the menace of pests. Much of this money can be saved and channeled to other uses through the use of bats as natural pest control. There are up to 40 species in the United States that eat insects and also avoid coming close to humans.

Why a Bat House is Important

Since 2007, many bats in the United States have been lost as a result of white-nose disease. This is caused by a fungus found in cold areas and which affects the nose, muzzle, and wings of hibernating bats.

This has led to the need to construct safe dwellings for them, and to date, BatBnB has been able to provide homes for up to 500,000 bats. Their bat houses have been able to keep most bats safe and secure especially in cold weather.

Why You Should Use a Bat Box

It is not a bad idea to have bats hanging out in your garden but you need to have a place where they can stay to prevent them from being all over the place. Once bats can find a good place to stay, you will find them hanging around your location, so they will not migrate off.

Bats can migrate to warm locations where there are many insects to feed on and once that location begins to get cold, they move on to another location. To keep them around your location, you need to have the environment warm enough for them.

They are also an interesting sight to behold when they fly and play in their groups. Surely, you will hardly get tired of watching them. Bats are also less noisy than many other birds and will not destroy your plants while getting rid of other insects.

BatBnB is Special

You may want to make a bat box yourself to house bats in your garden. It is a great idea which will definitely save you much cost. But if you will want to have them around for as long as possible, without having the need to look for another means of pest control, then a BatBnB house is a much better idea than constructing your bat house yourself.

BatBnB creates a home as close as possible as their natural habitation. This box house is rectangular in shape and comes with several features that you will not find in other bat houses.

BatBnB has used the experience of Merlin Tuttle, a bat conservationist who has more than 55 years of experience in bat conservation. Tuttle has a book that is a great guide on how bat houses should be constructed with the kind of features that bats will like for their safety and comfort.

Features of BatBnB

One important feature that is of priority is ventilation. Bats like it when the air is fresh for them to breathe and when they can enjoy good airflow in hot weather. Many bat houses constructed locally do not take into this consideration.

You will find the ventilation in such boxes to be very minimal but BatBnB has ventilation on the front of their single chamber bat houses and for their dual-chambered houses, the ventilation can be seen on the sides.

Most locally made bat houses can only house as many as 20 bats. But the BatBnB bat houses can take about 40-50 bats at a time, and the dual-chambered houses can take up to 120 bats at a time. Having these bats around your garden will keep pests to the barest minimum.

Bats love to have a good grip when they perch, so this has been considered in constructing the bat houses. Machine-cut grooves have been fixed into the interior of the boxes at half-an-inch intervals so that they can have a good grip while hanging down.

A BatBnB box is very attractive when you hang it in your garden or around your house and it is designed to last long and give good protection to the bats. The residential grade silicone caulk also makes it waterproof.

Setting up Your BatBnB

There are several BatBnB models that you can choose from which have single and double-chamber units. You can choose from any of the styles that suit your taste – Seneca, Meramec and Carlsbad, or, Sonora, Cascade, and Arroyo. The Mammoth can house as many as 240 bats.

You can set up your bat house beside a tall building or by a stand-alone post. Make sure that they are mounted at least 20 feet away from trees to prevent predators from catching them when they come out of their nests. It should also be raised up to 20 feet from the ground.


You can keep bats in your garden as a way of keeping insects from damaging your plants. Being migratory in nature, keeping them safe and secure especially in cold weather helps you to maintain them around your environment.

BatBnB boxes have been well-designed to take in the needs of these bats in order to ensure that they are comfortable in their bat houses. It can also house a good number of them at once. Setting them up and maintaining them is also easy as they are built with convenience and durability in mind.

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