FELCO 2 Pruning Shear is an award-winning hand pruning shear/secateurs that is great for sharing activities. The tool is designed with great creativity and lasting quality. It has a bright red handle that you can comfortably hold as you carry out your pruning.

Every time your flowers and plants become overgrown, there is a need to put them back in shape and order by pruning. Pruning does not only make your garden look attractive and beautiful but also keeps your plants healthy and allow them to receive good amounts of sunlight air.

It also helps them conserve nutrients. To give your plants good and neat pruning, you need to work with very good tools like the FELCO 2 pruning shear.

FELCO 2 was designed during the late 1940s to replace shears being used during that period. Since then, it has become much appreciated and patronized for its simplicity and ease of use. You can easily use it to prune your plants, keep them healthy, and make your environment look beautiful and well-kept.

FELCO 2 is comfortable to hold even if you have to spend several hours working with it. This makes it better than many other shears that will get your hands aching after you have used them for only a short time.

FELCO 2, however, makes you feel at ease and comfortable as you work through your plants holding it.

Trimming any kind of plant is also easy as it can quickly cut through any plant, even if it is up to one inch thick. It is lightweight but really strong and powerful and convenient for cutting.


The company has maintained the design of these pruners since it was created about 60 years ago. And there has been no complaint from the users, about any part of its design. Everything about it has been designed for convenience and ease of use.

The steel blades are well-shaped and are very sharp which makes it easy to cut through stems that are evened up to one inch thick. It also has a hardened nut and bolt that allows you to adjust both the cutting and anvil blades to suit your activities.

The clever groove also allows you to cut small wires easily without any damage to the blades. The handles too, are made of aluminum metal and can quickly and easily absorb shock. It does not feel slippery on the hands and the candy red coating gives it a very strong grip, so you can easily hold it and carry out your shearing and pruning activities without any hassles.

FELCO 2 is 8.5 inches long and if you have big hands, you will find it portable to hold. But if you have small hands, it is better if you go for FELCO 6. When you purchase your FELCO shears, you need to be sure that you have purchased the genuine product. One sign of the genuine product is when you see “FELCO Swiss Made” written on the package.

Cleaning Your Prunes

The tool is simply designed, and cleaning, it is not a difficult task at all. You can easily get it cleaned with your simple wipe. The sap groove does not allow the blade to become sticky since it removes secretions and debris from the tool each time you cut with it.

This makes it easy to be cleaned with just a swipe of your wipe. However, it is necessary that you clean it after each use, so it does not get rusty and keep the blades and handles flexible as you use the tool. After cleaning, it, you should oil it to keep it from corroding and maintain ease of use.

Once in a while, you may wish to give it more intense cleaning and piece it apart, so you can remove any dirt or sap that could have lodged in between the parts. Before you dismantle it, check their website for information that will guide you to do it right.

If you need to change any of the parts, you can also order them from their website. Always keep the blades sharp, so they will always give clean and lovely cuts.

FELCO 2 Pricing

You can get garden shears at different prices ranging from around $15 and above. But you should note that there are many garden shears that are of low quality. Several of them will not give you the kind of cut you desire and some of them are made from inferior quality materials, so they will not last long.

But FELCO 2 is made with very high-quality materials that will make your tool last and well-designed, so you can easily prune your plants with ease and precision.

When you purchase your FELCO 2 shears, it comes with a year’s warranty but it is much unlikely that you will need it because of the superior quality of the shears. It is also possible to replace any of its parts and you can get them through their website.

It is durable and better than what you will get from their competitors. FELCO 2 goes for $60 and considering the quality of the prunes, the price is worth it.

Gonicc 8” Pruning Shears vs. FELCO 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear (GPPS – 1002)

Though the Gonicc pruning shears cost much less, they look like FELCO 2. The Gonicc shears have a sharper blade than many other shears in the market; however, it is not as durable and precise as FELCO 2. It is much better to make a long-lasting investment in FELCO 2 and get good value for your money.


FELCO 2 is well-known as a simple but very high-quality shear that is well-designed, so you can hold and use it with ease. You are also sure of getting precise cuts with it without any adverse effects from long handling. With the micro-metric setting mechanism, you can easily adjust the cutting head to the way you need it. FELCO 2 may be a bit more expensive than some other pruning shears in the market. However, you will also get better value from it than many other brands of shears.

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