Rocks void of weeds look more beautiful and attractive, but fighting weeds on rock beds can be somewhat challenging. In this post, we’ll see different methods for fighting weeds in rocks.

Steps to Getting Rid of Weeds in Rocks

1. Use Liquid Herbicide Instead of Granules

We recommend you apply liquid chemical herbicides over the granule ones. Liquid weed killers are more effective on weeds in rocks than the granule. It’s a brainer as liquid sprays would easily be absorbed into the roots faster than granules.

Note that liquid weed killers are highly concentrated and should be mixed with water before application. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide for the mixing ratio.

2. Identify the Class of Weed

Most herbicides are known to kill large varieties of weeds. Some weed killers may even react differently based on the type of weeds. So, the best practice is to purchase the right herbicides for specific weeds.

You should also consider other plants around your rock bed before applying a weed killer.  Some herbicides kill only a specific class of plants and would spare other plants. Ensure to always read the recommendations on herbicides before using them, as some can kill any plant it touches.

  • Broadleaf weeds killer selectively kill only those weeds in that category and won’t harm other plants around it.
  • Grassy weed killer selectively targets the Bermuda grass but would also destroy your lawn.
  • Sedge weed killers kill only crabgrass.
  • Non-selective weed killer would kill any plant it comes in contact with. Be it your lawn or any of your chosen plants. It doesn’t select what to kill or spare; it takes down everything. Herbicides of this nature should be used cautiously.

3. Wear Protective Clothing

Make sure you wear clothes that protect your skin before using herbicides. Wear clothing that covers you properly, cover your hands with garden gloves, and wear closed-toe shoes.

Wear goggles, sunglasses, or glasses when working with herbicides. And finally, always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any herbicide.

4. Avoid Applying Herbicides on Rainy Days

Ensure you spray the weed killer when you are sure it won’t be raining. Late summer is an ideal time to carry out this exercise because of the consistency of the weather. Early autumn is also a good time too. Before spraying, check the weather to be sure it won’t rain in the next six hours.

Tips: Spray your garden in the late spring if you want it to be free from weed all summer.

Pulling Weeds by Hand

1. Wet the Root with Water to loosen it

Weeds can easily regrow if the entire root isn’t pulled out. You can apply this method after a day or two of heavy rain to ensure the soil is soaked. Alternatively, you can also wet the ground to loosen the root network before pulling it out.

Pulling weeds out of wet soil will not affect other close-by plants. Pulling weeds off the ground is a reliable way of dealing with weeds.

2. Protect Your Hand and Knee

Safety is what they say is first. Don’t expose your body to danger while trying to get rid of weeds. Protect your leg with knee pads to avert stiffness and soreness. Also, wear garden gloves to prevent blisters and skin irritation that may result from pulling weeds.

Tips: Use gloves made from breathable materials.

3. Use Garden Fork or Soil Knife to Loosen Weeds

Use these garden tools to loosen the soil by digging around the weeds. The aim is to make it easier to uproot the weeds. You can even dig up some established weeds in the process, which is even better.

4. Pull the Weeds Individually

Rather than pulling weeds out in clumps, you should pull them out individually. You may not be able to pull out the taproot by grabbing a handful of the weed. Although I reckon that pulling out weeds individually is more tedious, it’s more rewarding.

This is because; you will be able to pull out the root along with its taproot. You won’t have to worry about the quick regrowth of the weeds.

5. Pull out Weeds by Twisting It

When pulling out weeds, do it in a twisting manner so that you can pull the weed by the main root. An upward twisting of weeds helps to break off other smaller roots, thereby making them easier to remove. Properly dispose of the pulled-out weeds to prevent another germination.

Warning: Do not forcefully pull out weeds from the ground as it could result in an accident.

Using Household Material as substitutes

1. Use Boiled Water

Heat water and allow it to boil; pour it directly on the weeds. You can use a tea kettle to control the stream of the water and to prevent it from splashing. Be careful, so you don’t pour the hot water other surrounding plants you don’t want to get rid of.

2. Use Vinegar

Vinegar can also be used as a potent weed killer. Use a garden sprayer to spray the weeds in your garden, especially if the weeds are close to other plants. Distilled white vinegar with at least 5% acidity is the ideal one to use on weeds.

Note that vinegar does not select – it can kill any plant it is used on. So spray it with caution and make sure it doesn’t come in contact with plants you wish to keep.

3. Use Rock Salt

Another household material to fight weeds is the use of rock to spray on a driveway or rock path. The logic behind this is a simple one. The salt helps to drain the moisture from the soil, which makes the weeds die off eventually.

However, keep in mind that the impact of the salt will also affect other plants you wish to preserve. So use it sparingly in your garden. Salt is an effective way to get rid of weeds between cracks in cement slabs and pavers as well.


Weeds are sometimes difficult to control; they will somehow find their way to grow even gravel and rock mulch. Interestingly, weeds on rock beds can be handled just as a weed in your garden.

We’ve covered different ways to fight weeds on rock, from chemical to pull them by hand or with household materials. We believe you will find a method that suits you. Please kindly click the garden tools image to see more about the items.

Thank you so much for your time and for stopping by. If you have a question and have something to share, please leave your message below, and I’ll be happy to write back to you; thank you so much.

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