If you’re like most gardeners, you will be moving a lot of sand and rocks around. To do this effectively, you’ll need the most suitable cart to get the job done.

This review profiles one of the garden equipment that proves very useful, talking about the WORX Aerocart. And we will be doing in-depth coverage of the cart, it’s features, benefits, shortcomings, and pricing.

Let’s start off our review with a brief intro of the WORX Aerocart.

About WORX Aerocart

You could argue that the WORX Aerocart isn’t much different from the typical barrow, but the producers have a different view.

According to WORX its Aerocart is an 8 in 1 lifting and working system that is useful for the following.

Users can instantly convert the Aerocart between a wheelbarrow, yard cart, bag holder, and also a dolly. Other uses of the WORX Aerocart are an extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock or plant mover, and trailer tote.

The producers also claim that Aerocart is useful for moving boats, motorcycles, and also the movement trailers around the yard.

Basic Features

Let’s look at some basic features of the WORX Aerocart that is immediately obvious to everyone.

  • Ease of Assembling – The WORX Aerocart is incredibly easy to assemble, taking a few minutes to set up and get ready for use. If it’s your first time setting it up, you’ll find the pictorial assembly guide very useful for putting it together
  • The 8 in 1 moving and lifting equipment is made of powder-coated steel which makes it very durable and strong
  • If you’re using it as a wheelbarrow, it is a weight capacity of 300 pounds, plus a volume capacity of 3 cubic feet
  • The WORX Aerocart comes with 2 dolly arms with a depth of 5 inches and also the capacity to hold 500 pounds of weight
  • It has an extended dolly of 24 inches with a weight capacity of 80 pounds.


This section outlines some benefits of using the WORX Aerocart for garden work.

  • The Aerocart’s two-wheel design offers a mechanical advantage over the designs of other wheelbarrows. It gives the WORX Aerocart so much balance especially when you’re using it to move loads of dirt around. Its narrow width also makes it possible to meander through your garden yard with less effort
  • The dolly mode of the WORX Aerocart makes it so easy to move things around the yard or garden. You can use it to move containers that are small and mid-sized with ease
  • The Aerocart bag holder works very fine as a receptacle for holding garden waste and all other unwanted materials. In order to use it all you’ve got to do is to extend the dolly hands and install a mesh platform. The Aerocart bag holder also has a bungee that you could use to secure the bag
  • Due to its narrow width, you can easily find a place for storing the Aerocart even in a crowded garden shed
  • The Aerocart is quite easy to maintain and properly store when it is not in use. You’ll have to keep in a sheltered space away from direct exposure to sunlight or the harsh weather. Also, it is ideal that you have the Aerocart thoroughly cleaned out after each use
  • The WORX Aerocart is a versatile 8 in 1 moving equipment/tool that converts into a wheelbarrow, dolly, and extended dolly. Other modes that it can be used for are yard cart, cylinder carrier, bag holder, rock/plant mover, and trailer tote
  • Setting up the Aerocart is so simple and intuitive that you can have it ready to use within a few minutes. Also, there’s a pictorial diagram to guide you each step of the way when assembling it.


Here we look at some shortcomings of the product as well as areas where there may need to be improvements with the WORX Aerocart.

  • The dolly seems too narrow and short for carrying long items around the garden. An extension in both the width and length of the dolly would go a long way in easing the carrying of things around the garden
  • As with the dolly, the wheelbarrow is too small and may need to be increased to improve the load-carrying capacity
  • As a storage tool, I would say that the Aerocart still has a lot to do in comparison to the capabilities of other storage equipment. Its narrow width limits its storage capacity, thereby reducing the amount of load that can be stored in it. When used in an upright position, the art’s height is 58″ with a width of 22″ and depth of 20″
  • For a “small” lightweight garden cart selling above $150, the WORX Aerocart is quite highly-priced, especially since there’s a limit to its storage capacity and the type of work it can be used for.

WORX Aerocart Pricing

The WORX Aerocart product can be directly purchased on worx.com and on Amazon stores for $155.99. You can as well check out other retail stores such as Walmart and Home Depot if the product is available for sale.

In Conclusion

There will always be times when you will need to move things around the garden, maybe sand, rocks, or plants.

At such times, a reliable cart is what you need to get the job done, especially if you are moving a heavy load. The WORX Aerocart is moving equipment that users can instantly convert into any of 8 modes including dolly, wheelbarrow, yard cart, and bag holder.

However, one shortcoming of the WORX Aerocart is its narrow width and the limit that this places on its storage capacity. Despite the different modes that you can use this cart in, you may not get the best value for your money if you are concerned about storage capacity.

Besides this limit, Aerocart is ideal moving equipment that fits into your garden needs and your storage shed.

My review of WORX Aerocart has compiled the needed info including the basic features (ease of assembling, etc), main benefits (ease of storing, setting up, etc), the shortcomings, and pricing. Hope you enjoy reading this review and for more details please kindly press the image above or the image below.

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