After subjecting the Dupont Kevlar hose to a series of tests, I came out with some astounding results that may interest you.

It’s the 50-foot garden hose that had to undergo some serious beatings in order to find out just how tough it is. Plus its ability to hold out in a place of dry air and extreme temperatures like the Southwest.

You can get so much from a standard rubber hose; however, the Dupont Kevlar hose offers much more. It is fashioned with a proprietary polyurethane/PVC core which is surrounded by fabric that has been reinforced with Kevlar.

You know, it’s probably made of the same material that is used for producing the Kevlar bulletproof vest. If you do not know about the bulletproof vest, then there’s no need to worry. This review covers just the Dupont Kevlar heavy-duty garden hose.

So if you’re ready, let’s delve into the review proper to see what this garden hose is all about.


First things first, let’s highlight the specs of this rugged garden hose.

  • The length of the Dupont Kevlar garden hose is 50 feet
  • It has an inner diameter of 5/8 inches
  • It has a weight of 4.62 lbs
  • It has a burst strength of up to 500 psi
  • The inner material of the Dupont garden hose is patented “poly fusion” core which is a polyurethane/PVC blend
  • The outer material of the Dupont garden hose is a 400 denier nylon fabric which is reinforced with Kevlar
  • Its couplings are aluminum (titanium-coated) plus “quick repair” feature
  • The hose comes with a plastic ABS collar with a rubber-like grip
  • The garden hose can pass clean drinking water for households.

Now that we have covered the Dupont Kevlar garden hose specs, it’s time to look more closely at its features.


1 – Easy to Carry Around

The Dupont Kevlar hose is referred to as a heavy-duty garden hose, yet it so lights to carry around.

The Dupont Kevlar garden hose weighs only about 4.62 lbs which is half the weight of an average 50-foot garden hose. This makes it much easier for you to carry the hose around or pull it from one garden spot to the other.

Have you ever been in the position where you had to drag a hose around because of its weight? If you have, you will appreciate the convenience that the Dupont Kevlar hose offers.

II – Convenient to Package

This is another great feature that makes the Dupont Kevlar garden hose a great choice for you. The garden hose comes flat out from its neatly packaged box. Also, when you are done with using it, just drain the water and you have it flattened again.

Whenever water pressure is applied, it instantly rounds out to the standard 5/8 inches-diameter. This makes it suitable for all your gardening needs including such tasks as working with sprinklers or soaker hoses for full pressure.

Unfortunately, its ability to flatten out when empty makes it unsuitable for use on a hose reel. This is because the flow of water will be restricted unless the hose is unrolled up to its full 50 feet.

To use it this way, you’ll need to look for a place to hang the hose (using a hose hanger or garden hook).

The advantage of its flattening out is that it takes up less storage space. A large pot or even a box can be used to store the hose when it is completely drained of water.

However, you should remember to remove it from the place of storage before you turn on the water.

III – No “Kinking”

One of the most common problems experienced when using garden hoses is the tendency to kink. However, the Dupont Kevlar has got this resolved through its Proprietary Polyfusion technology.

So then, our hose under review is quite easy to bend and carry around without the kink problems.

IV – Drinking Water Safe

The producers of this hose labeled it as “drinking water safe”. This means that you could conveniently use it in your organic garden without having lead components in the water.

The hose can also be used in situations where safe drinking water is required.

V – Warranty

Users of this product enjoy a limited lifetime warranty against any cases of manufacturing defects or shoddy workmanship.

VI – Easy to Connect

There are times when you have to use your garden hose in distances beyond 50 feet. That’s when the need arises for you to connect two different hoses together. It could even be a situation that requires the attaching of a rubber soaker or sprinkler to your garden hose.

With the help of its ABS plastic collar and rubber-like grip, the Dupont Kevlar garden hose lets you tighten the connections without moving the enclosing hose. The grip actually turns when you’re connecting but the hose doesn’t turn.

Yet, it establishes a connection so tight that you don’t need to worry about leaking.

My Verdict

You will find that the Dupont Kevlar garden hose is a durable piece of work that fits in nicely with other garden tools.

Its lightweight makes it easy for you to carry around without dragging. Its collar making it so easy to grab and also connect with another hose when there’s a need for a longer hose.

Connecting it with other tools such as sprinklers and or a spigot also comes quite easy.

You might find yourself paying a higher price for Dupont Kevlar hose than a typical garden hose. The increase in price does make up for its durability and ability to last longer than the other garden hoses.

Also, the fact that you do not experience kinking problems with this garden hose is a big plus.

Buying It

You can find the Dupont Kevlar garden hose to purchase on Amazon online store.


Now that you have the details, it’s much easier to decide whether to go for this garden hose. However, the Dupont Kevlar garden hose is easy to use, durable, and lightweight connects easily and comes in neat packaging.

You may end up paying a higher price for this garden hose, but I think it’s what it.

I hope, you enjoy reading these reviews and if you have any questions or comments about these please leave your comments below and I’ll be happy to write back to you. To visit the store please click on the images above and one down below. Thank you so much and enjoy your gardening.


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