Product: Funkoco 3 Pieces Patio Rattan Conversation Chair Set

Price: $269.00

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size of Chair: 22.67 Inch*27.16 Inch*31.10 Inch

Size of the Table: 18 Inch*18 Inch *20.15 Inch

Cushion for Armchair: 20.98 Inch*21.65 Inch *3.54 Inch

Weight Capacity: About 350 lbs

Rattan Material: PE

Frame: Steel

Package Weight: 23 Kg (50.71 lbs)

Color: Green

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Funkoco 3 Pieces Patio Rattan Conversation Chair Set, Product Overview

It’s enjoying talking with friends/family in a backyard and or watching at the sunset with a special someone from the front patio, this three-piece outdoor conversation set provides the perfect setting for outdoor relaxation, perfect for every space in the home like in the patio, porch, backyard, balcony, poolside and garden area.

I like the matching color of green in a rattan chair, it’s cool. Very comfortable for sitting and relaxing with favorite drinks and snacks every day, and I love it.

The Chairs are with enough space and comfort for every individual. When it comes to the cushions, the cushion is made of high-density rebound breathable sponge and very comfortable fabric and easy to clean, the cushion cover can be removable and washable. The Funkoco 3 pieces of patio rattan texture and armrest will not only make you the most comfortable experience but also greatly increase the beauty of the chair. I am sure you will love this patio set for your home. These chairs are strongly built and comfortable to sit in and easy to assemble. Here are some customer’s reviews.

Helpful Reminders to Care Your Patio Furniture

If your patio rattan furniture has been exposed to the elements for a good period, then it may require a little extra care maintenance. Expose them to sun, wind, and rain will cause dirt to build-up on your patio furniture and make it uncomfortable to sit on and rather unsightly, not to mention that your garden furniture’s lifespan is shortened. Do not neglect patio garden furniture, when it is necessary to remove ground-in dirt and stain with a damp brush or cloth towel and do so. If you have a garden hose, then you should spray a fine mist on furniture with very mild detergent. Be sure to always completely rinse the furniture and remove the only detergent. It is also important to let them dry in direct sunlight.


When buying Funkoco 3 pieces patio rattan conversation chair set outdoor furniture for the home, I have to think about the advantages and disadvantages that I have to talk about. If I want to find well-crafted furniture, I am going to spend a little more just to have a high-quality outdoor rattan patio furniture in my home and stay last-longer. To clean my rattan patio garden furniture I simply wipe any spillages or stain with soapy water and cloth. If I am not sure about leaving my furniture set outdoor, I can simply cover them with a waterproof cover. This will provide the ultimate protection for my rattan furniture during harsh weather. For additional cleaning tips, I am going to refer you to read my post for Rattan Garden Patio Furniture.

The wooden and metal furniture can both rot or rust if left out in the rain for a long period. This means they are not always long-lasting if not treated or stored away in bad weather. But it’s just not the rain which can affect the longevity of patio garden furniture, it’s also the sun and high temperatures which can cause furniture to fade and crack.

The modern synthetic/PE rattan garden furniture, like the Funkoco 3 pieces patio rattan conversation chair set garden furniture is made from durable plastic which is not affected by sun, rain, or high temperatures. It’s UV resistant, rust-resistant, and weatherproof, and making it low maintenance for the garden furniture at home. If you wish to have one of these pieces in your home, I highly recommend that you can pick up your own patio rattan furniture set from Amazon. is one of the world’s largest online retail store that we can trust.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have some questions about Funkoco 3 pieces patio rattan outdoor furniture you can leave your own review or leave a comment below. Thank you so much for your time in reading my post.


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