Bugs have extremely-unpleasant odors, and so killing them can be very messy because they might produce a very irritating smell. For most people, soapy water is the better way to kill bugs because it is less messy and reduces the smell from the bugs, while for some other people, chemical and organic pesticides are the fastest means.

Bugs can be killed by using different physical means, but in this article, you will be shown the proper way of killing bugs without getting the place messed up.

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Using Soapy Water

1. Get a liquid detergent and add it to a bottle.

Get any liquid wash detergent, and pour a little into a spray bottle or jar.

  • It doesn’t matter if the liquid wash contains chemicals; anyone will do.

2. Hit the bug into a jar.

When you see any of the stink bugs, fill a jar with water and add soap to it; hit the bug with a stick into the soapy water, they should drown and die within 30-50 seconds.

  • You can also place disposable gloves on your hands while catching them.

3. Flush them into the toilet.

Collect those bugs you have drowned in soapy water, and then throw them into the toilet, then flush.

  • You can also flush the bugs altogether with soapy water.
  • Wait till you are done collecting the bugs before flushing them to avoid wasting soap or water.

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Use Local Pesticides

1. Know the risks involved.

Even though local pesticides can kill those sting bugs, they also have some hazardous health risks. Those pesticides cannot only get rid of bugs, but they are equally dangerous to pets and humans as well.

So in managing its risks, ensure you use pesticides that are labeled to kill bugs.

2. Spray it as soon as you see one.

Use a spray container or bottle to store these pesticides, and when you see any of the bugs, use it on them; it should be able to kill them on contact.

3. Apply residual pesticides in their hideouts.

For this method to be fully effective, you have to look for their hiding places and spray the pesticides.

4. Try Nicotine.

Place a pack of shredded cigarettes in a gallon of warm water, remove the solution after some minutes and mix it with a little detergent, fill the bottle with the solution and spray around the house where the bugs might be hiding.

5. Use an outdoor pesticide.

Stink bugs always enter the house from outside, so spraying residual pesticide around the house and on the ground will be effective.

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Exterminating Them Physically

1. Set a system for electrocuting them.

Like many insects, stink bugs are very much attracted to any source of light; place a bug zapper in these strategic areas where there is much light. It will be very effective in getting rid of the bugs.

2. Freeze them to death.

Use resealable plastic bags to trap these bugs, and then place them in the freezer for a couple of days, and they will freeze to death.

  • Ensure you closely lock the container so as not to contaminate other materials in the freezer.

3. Put a container over them.

Bugs release toxic materials that can also be harmful to the bug itself, and so a fast way to get rid of them is to place a container or glass with no breathing hole over them. They will die from the consumption of their toxic materials.

4. Use glue traps.

Place sticky traps close to the windows, doors, or any other part of the house you suspect might be their hideouts. When they get caught by any of the glue traps, they will not be able to move out to look for food, and they will die of starvation.

5. Use a vacuum on them.

A vacuum cleaner is one of the best and less sticky ways to get rid of bugs; when you see them, suck them up with the vacuum bag and dispose of them.

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Using Household Solutions

a. Use bleach, alcohol, or simply ammonia.

Get a container and fill it halfway with any of these chemicals, then pick or knock these bugs into it when you see them; the chemical will eliminate them within minutes.

  • Remember not to mix any of these chemicals together; otherwise, it can produce some very hazardous smell that is dangerous to human cells.
  • You can use sticks to hit these bugs into the container, or better still, wear a glove and pick them up into the jar.

1. Try hairspray.

Using hairspray alone cannot kill these bugs, but it will help weaken them for a period of time, so when it is effective, ensure you sweep them up and flush them, or better still dispose of them.

  • Ensure you make use of a thicker spray because it will be most effective in trapping and immobilizing these bugs.

2. Use hot sauce.

Get a container with a sprayer attached to it, fill it up with liquefied hot peppers or hot sauce; when you see any of these bugs, apply it on them.

  • Ensure you wash your hands properly to avoid the bottle’s content getting into your eyes or sensitive parts of your body.

3. Use the candle wax remover on them.

The candle wax remover will be very effective in getting rid of these bugs, so you have to ensure that you use it properly and with care. Spray the wax remover on the bugs, and it should eliminate them within a matter of seconds.

4. Kill them with wart remover.

Use a bottle of freeze-away wart remover on these bugs; when you spray, it will freeze them, and the only thing you have to do is dispose of them outside or flush them in the toilet.

5. Spray them with White Vinegar.

Get a container that is not too large, put a full spoon of white vinegar in it, and then put any of the bugs you see in them. They will die as soon as they get into the content.


As stated earlier, killing these bugs sometimes might bring up very irritating odors around the house; they also pass out toxic materials that are not good for humans. So to avoid either of these problems, ensure you use the tips above to your advantage. 

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