Having balanced nutrition based mainly on vegetables and lean meat is essential to keep your body healthy and in good shape. However, with the prices increasing continuously and with the genetically modified crops increasing their amount day by day, having a healthy meal is more and more difficult. The solution: plant your own vegetables. This may sound like an impossible thing for people living in flats or for those with a low resistance to effort, but in fact, it can be one of the most enjoyable and effortless activities you can have. How is this possible? With a simple, yet highly effective system which allows you to grow fish and vegetables at the same time in your own home!

The System is called Aquaponics

Aquaponic is suitable for any type of family, regardless of the age they are or the type of house they live in. It requires very little space, the place needed to put an aquarium with fish, and some other small additions to it. You can put it on the table in your living room and use it as decoration too, you can place it in your kitchen so that you can always have fresh herbs at the reach of your hand when cooking or you can place it in your garage and go once or twice a day to inspect it. You can always plant your own vegetables. It does not need more than a few minutes a day of care, it needs no land and it will start giving results in less than a year. In addition to that, there will be no need for you to bend over, to clean the land of weeds, dig it to plant the seeds, or spend hours in your knees to collect the crops.

Furthermore, you will be able to use this type of farming all year round, regardless of the season or the meteorological conditions from outside! This means that you will have fresh veggies all year round, with minimum effort. Just think of your tasty tomatoes or cucumbers, of the smell of your fresh parsley, or how you will amaze everyone with your delicious strawberries in the winter! You will eat healthy and organic vegetables and will even be able to offer some of your crops to your neighbors as you will have plenty of everything.

If you come to think that while your crops will grow, so will the fish, then there is no need for you to postpone starting an aquaponic farm in the comfort of your house. It is the simplest way to eat healthy food without spending a fortune on the market!

Yet, why are the fish so important in the aquaponics?

This type of gardening involves growing fish and vegetables in a total interdependence. Thus, you will not only have fresh vegetables at any hour and period of the year, but you will also be able to grow fish in a much easier way than if you had chosen to set up aquaculture.

Well, the first step in setting up your aquaponics system is that of purchasing a fish tank and, of course, the fish. This is mainly because they are the ones who are going to provide food for your plants. Once you place the fish in the tank, you can say you have started your aquaponic garden. This is mainly because placing the fish in the water is a similar step to preparing the land in traditional gardening. In about a month the fish will create the perfect environment for the plants to grow as their excrements will turn into the perfect nutrients on which plants can feed. Once the water is filled with nutrients, the seeds are placed in special pots which will be submerged in the tank so that the water can reach the seeds. The fish will continue to produce food for the seeds, which will grow and develop into mature plants thriving on the food offered by the fish. This will not only make your plants grow bigger and bigger as time goes by, but it will also clean the water for the fish so that they can grow and develop as well.

Taking good care of your fish will result in good, tasty, and healthy vegetables. Thus, if you already have a fish tank in your house or you are thinking of purchasing one for your children, why not combine your pleasure with the practical things and use the tank for an aquaponic system gardening. Your fish will be happy, while your family will have lots of fresh vegetables for each and every meal.


So that’s it while doing all these, planting your vegetables in your own home, you’ll be enjoying on harvesting your veggies and enjoying watching your favorite fish in the aquarium, or in a simple fishpond that you desired. Aquaponic plants make them grow 3 times faster compared to soil. With this system, you can grow at any time of a year and any weather. So, try now the aquaponics system in your place.

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