Scorpions are very common in arid climates. You will find many of them in places that are cold and damp. It is uncommon to find them inside your home, but you must be careful when you come across one. Most scorpions only move around on the floor, while many others climb walls and hide in drapes and folds of clothing.

You can also find them hiding in shoes too. Scorpions do sting. Their sting is painful and also venomous. Although most scorpions’ stings are not deadly, they can cause illness. Scorpions eat other insects, and that way, they help you control the presence of pests around.

You can find them in damp places, piles of debris, tree barks, holes, crevices, and open drainages. If you find scorpions around your environment, you do not have to kill them. Instead, you can prevent them from coming around your home. This article will look at some ways to keep scorpions away.

Why Scorpions Come Around

Scorpions usually hide during the day to avoid exposure to heat and sunlight. At night, they come out to feed on other insects. Scorpions defend themselves with their venom to immobilize and kill their prey. Scorpions usually live in the wild, but they can come around your home as they search for food.

Ways to keep scorpions away

Clean off any debris from around your home.

Scorpions like to hide in dark places. Then they come out when it is unclear to hunt for their food. You can find them under a pile of leaves, stones, sticks, and other debris. It would be best if you cleaned up piles of leaves and rocks or lumber.

Keep wood at least 15 meters away from your home. When cleaning your environment, make sure that your body is well covered. There may be some of them hiding in the debris.

Keep trees pruned

Make sure that trees around your environment are well-trimmed. You can prune them to reduce their branches and keep them from touching your home. That will reduce the chances of scorpions climbing into your home.

Scorpions are like cool places so they may be under the tree shade. It would be best if you were careful when you prune down the trees.

Dispose of food leftovers.

Insects usually get attracted to food crumbs—clean food scraps and crumbs in your environment. Dispose of them properly in trash bins so that they are kept away from insects. If there are fruit trees around you, always clean up any fruits that fall off, so insects don’t attract them.

Once it is evening, always keep your pet bowls elevated so that scorpions cannot reach them. Also, make sure you clean their bowls regularly.

Seal up all cracks and crevices.

Scorpions can hide in cracks and crevices around your home. To keep them away, you must always take note of cracks and openings and get them sealed up. You can seal them up with cement or spray foam.

Look around the windows, walls, doors, and foundation to locate any existing holes. You should also look around the air conditioning vents and seal them properly.

Seal leaks in the plumbing

Any source of water or wetness around the house is one place you may likely find scorpions. Take time to inspect the plumbing channels. If the roof leaks, there will be water collecting in the attic.

It needs to be fixed promptly and correctly. Ensure that there are no leaks. If you find any, bring in the plumber for repairs.

Using yellow light bulbs outside

White light bulbs do attract insects more than yellow light bulbs. It would be best if you kept your house environment well-lit at night. It would be best if you did it using a yellow bulb. You won’t find many insects attracted to the yellow light bulb.

Controlling insect infestation

Control insects from infesting your environment. You can use insecticide to reduce insects in our environment. Scorpions do feed on small insects.

You may find them around your house if they successfully hunt insects around. Reducing insects around your home may make them go far away to search for their food.

Planting Lavender

The scent of lavender can be used to drive away scorpions. You can make a lavender spray using lavender oil mixed with water and spray it around your house.

Concentrate the spraying around areas where you suspect scorpions or where you wish to repel them. You can plant it around the perimeter of your house. You can also look for spots around the environment where they are likely to hide and grow them.

Lighting citric candles

The citrus scent is another aroma that repels scorpions. You can get essential lemon oil, mix it with water, and spray it around your house. You can also light citric candles around your home. If you do this daily, scorpions will stay away from your home.

Rearing chicken

Chickens pick on insects. You can get some chicken and let them roam around the environment. They will decide on any insect they come across, including scorpions. This will make scorpions stay away from your environment and reduce their population.

Hunting and relocating scorpions off your property.

Scorpions come out at night to hunt for their food. You will see them glowing under black UV light. You can hunt for them at night time. When going hunting, you should wear protective clothing and hand gloves.

Take a pair of kitchen tongs with which you will pick the scorpions. Also, take along a jar which you will put inside. After you catch them, you can take them from your house and leave them there.

Spraying with vinegar

Vinegar has a strong smell that can repel scorpions. You can get pure white vinegar, apple cider, or malt vinegar. Mix the vinegar with some water and spray around your environment.

Make sure you spray everywhere you have encountered scorpions in your environment. You may need to apply the vinegar spray every week to keep them away.

To keep scorpions from always returning to your environment, keep them clean and well-aired. Always clean up the environment after meals and keep the bowls used by your pets very clean too.

Do not leave any scraps around. Insects will be attracted to the atoms. Scorpions will be attracted to the chips and the insects too.


Scorpions can come around your home as they hunt for food. Their stings are painful and dangerous, so keeping them far from home is essential. In this article, you can learn about different ways to keep them away from your home.

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