The Digz high-performance women’s gloves are one of the preferred gardening work tools. They’re best suited for your everyday garden tasks, though not the best for heavy-duty work.

This review gives you all the vital details about the product, plus all you need to make a purchase decision.

Let’s set the ball rolling by highlighting the main features of Digz women’s gloves.


1 – Touch Screen Compatible

This is one of the unique features of Digz gardener high-performance women’s gardening gloves. The gloves are designed in such a way that you could use them on your mobile phones and tablets.

They come with touch screen compatible fingertips that are built into the thumb and first two fingertips. They are produced with a special material that has the ability to repel dirt in order to prevent you from damaging the screen of a mobile device.

The fact still remains that most people will put off using their mobile phones until their garden work is completed. Or if it is an emergency, the gloves will be taken off to use the phone.

However, this touch screen compatible feature does come in handy when there’s an urgent need to use your mobile device.

I also think that gardeners who get their hands really dirty may not want to destroy the surface of their mobile devices. But instead will have to wait to finish the work before using the phone.

Whatever works best for you, but the fact still remains that you can use your phone while putting on the Digz women’s gardening gloves.

2 – Comfort

The fact that these gloves were designed for women doesn’t just mean that it’s a feminine version of men’s gloves. But rather they are designed to be delicate, gentle, and offer comfort to the user.

You’ll find no gaping, extra-long or short fingers, but instead, fingers that fit nicely. It’s advisable to buy gloves that are a little larger to get maximum comfort from using them.

Most of the leather gloves out in the market would make your hands sweat. But not these gloves as they are perfectly comfortable even in the heat.

Remember that the gloves aren’t designed for heavy work so you should shun tasks like moving rocks, logs, or digging gravel while you have them on.

Your palms are protected with a thin stretch of flexible synthetic leather which makes the gloves suitable for everyday use. The gloves back and sides of the fingers are made of spandex that allows free movement with your bands.

The gloves are so comfortable that you can have them on throughout the day without any discomfort.

3 – Nice Fit

The gloves fit snugly into your wrists and adjust nicely to fit your hands. It’s so designed to prevent any kind of dirt from getting to your palms, fingers, and back of your hands.

4 – Machine Washable

You do not need to worry about keeping the Digz gardener high-performance women’s gloves clean. That’s because you can have them machine washed and air-dried. All that you’ve got to do is just to toss them into the washing machine and when they’re out have them air dried flat.

You shouldn’t try this with real leather gloves which may not turn out so good.

You can machine-wash your Digz women’s gloves as often as you want, just ensure that you air dry them.

5 – Synthetic Leather Pull Tab

There’s a large synthetic pull tab positioned at the underside of the wrist to prevent you from damaging the gloves when putting them on.

6 – Flexible

You’ll find it quite easy to put on and pull off the Digz women’s garden gloves. That’s because the maker provided a layer of synthetic leather by the side of the thumb and forefinger.

The layer is reinforced in order to prevent it from wearing when you’re raking or digging in your garden.

This layer also makes it easy for you to perform other garden tasks that would otherwise be hard to do with leather gloves. For instance, you can easily tie knots, take a hold of smaller items, and even handle fragile plants without damaging them.


Among the benefits of the Digz gardener high-performance women’s gloves, here are my top favorites.

  • These are gloves are designed to offer great comfort to anyone who has them on. You’ll enjoy all year round comfort while you have the gloves on, even in hot weather. They’re the ideal women’s gloves to use for basic, everyday garden work
  • You’ll find it quite easy to keep the gloves clean and dry. All you’ve got to do is to throw them into the washing machine and afterward air dry them to get them clean and dry
  • It’s also great having garden gloves that can be used with mobile phones and tablets. Though you might not have to use them always, they come in handy when you need to do something urgent on your mobile device
  • They’re so flexible that you can perform garden chores that would normally require you to do with your bare hands. You can handle delicate plants and pick up smaller objects with these gloves on.


I like the fact that the Digz women’s garden gloves offer so many exciting features for users. However, there are some drawbacks to using these garden gloves, which are:

  • The glove tips are not reinforced which opens them up to be easily damaged
  • The gloves are only ideal to perform small, light, everyday garden tasks, not heavy-duty work. If you have the need to do heavy-duty work, you’ll need to settle for pure leather gloves.


The Digz women’s garden gloves can be purchased on Amazon for $20.43. You can also find the gloves to purchase in Home Depot stores and many other online stores.


Choosing the appropriate garden gloves to use is as important as choosing other garden tools. You need a pair of gloves that offer you comfort, one that is flexible and also fits in nicely with your hands.

The Digz women’s garden glove is a perfect fit for small to mid garden tasks. The gloves are comfortable, flexible, easy to wash, and they come at a fairly affordable price.

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